How To Value A Bed, When Buying One?

Hello and welcome to Wonderful Beds . I’m Alex , the Marketing Director and I’m here to talk about the affordability of a super king size bed. When buying a “super king bed”, most people will only consider the headline cost of the bed. This is a mistake. Please allow me to explain. We advise that you need to consider and understand the Value Factors and then calculate the Value Indicator. We have defined the Value Factors as;
1.Total Amount and in particular the investment difference between the bed sizes you’re considering;
2.Cost Per Night over the life of the bed
3.Space Per Person and
4.Springs Count
From these value factors, we calculate The Value Indicator.

These beds were “made” with our luxury bamboo bed sheets,  from the online store: “Bamboo For life”

The Value Indicator is a measure we devised and it allows you to instantly compare the “value” of different beds using just one number. Let me explain by providing an example by compare this super king bed and this king bed. Value Factor Number 1 is Total Amount: Say this Super King is $4,799 and this King is $4,499 . The difference is $300 which is not a lot money for a bigger bed right. But wait, it gets more interesting when we consider the other value factors and calculate the Value Indicator. Value Factor Number 2 is Cost Per Night Per Person We are assuming a bed has a 10-year life, as all the beds we sell have 10-year warranties. Cost per night is based on 2 people sharing and provides the simplest measure of lifetime ownership. Super King $0.66 Per Person King $0.62 Per Person The difference per night is $0.04.

Value Factor Number 3 is Space Per Person and is all about COMFORT, In research conducted in the US, Space Per Person, has been proven to positively correlate to providing better sleep. Details are on our website. Super King – m2 per person. King – m2 per person A 20% increase in space per person. Value Factor Number 4 is the No. of Springs Per Person and is also all about COMFORT No. of Springs per person is a value factor as it is widely accepted that the higher the spring count, the more comfortable the bed. Super King – 5,846. King – 4,816 That’s an additional 1,030 springs per person or a 21% increase in the number of springs. Now, we have defined the value factors, let calculate The Value Indicator . The Value Indicator is calculated using the; • Cost Per Night; • Bed size; and • Number of Springs; to provide one number, which you use to compare beds against each other.

The higher, the Value Indicator, the better the value! In this example the Super King bed has a value indicator of 8,003 and the King 5,860. That is 2,143 more value points to the king size bed. The Super King Value Indicator is 37% bigger than the King bed in this example. Now you have the appropriate tools to measure size and affordability, the real question you must ask yourself is… “Are you willing pay 0.04CHF per person per night for more space and greater comfort?”I know I am. It is our professional recommendation and my personal opinion that you always buy the biggest bed with the highest spring count that you can afford on a lifetime basis.

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Great House Design Uses Bamboo Furnishings

Great House Design is a company that provides those searching for a new home with the ultimate house plans and design expertise to form their ideal living space. In-house design is the seat at the table so many designers have been talking about for so many years. Passive house design is not solely focused on residential buildings. This large passive house is an excellent example of how the passive house design is useful for any type of building in these extremely cold regions. The passive house design is suitable for any type of residential or community building that functions as a living space.

Another incredible kindergarten to embrace the passive house design is the Anybody Kindergarden.
Modern house design is not only popular but can be affordable too. But, before we dive into how modern house design is affordable, we should first talk about principals of modern design (for any of you who arent familiar). This feature of modern house design is probably the least likely to result in a cost-effective design, but there are some things that will help keep your modern house affordable. And, simple modern house design is how we can best help you achieve that end goal.

A great example of using natural ventilation in house design is this social housing project in Morocco. One goal is to show people that passive house design is viable. House design in the United Kingdom is defined by a series of Housing Acts, and public housing house design is defined by government directives and central governments’ relationship with local authorities. The Passive House design is based on five key principles. The use of cantilevers in house design is relatively common. Another important component of passive house design is its efficient central ventilation system, which continually exchanges moist, “polluted” inside air for fresh, filtered outside air to maintain a comfortable, consistent temperature and humidity level.

This House Design Is A True Piece Of Master Engineering, Wow! And whether bamboo furnishings is modern, or antique. Furniture Made From Bamboo – this pretty selection Bamboo furnishings is Scandinavian designed and made by hand in South Asia. Bamboo furnishings is furniture made. This Bamboo Furnishings is offering service to a large number of home furniture fans. The nicest sort of rug to use with these bamboo furnishings is the one of Chinese grass. The real estate sector and for bamboo furnishings is booming.

Bamboo furnishings is quite popular as it offers your house a summer look. The tea-tables, tabourets aad mags-ins racks of – this oriental make are partlcularty – good-looking, v The nteest sort of rrrg ta use with these bamboo furnishings Is the oas of . Bamboo furnishings is usually in fashion so you can also use it because it is comfy and relaxing. And that means luxury bedding is becoming increasingly accessible to a greater number of people.

The first step prior to purchasing luxury bedding is to make sure to set the foundation. Luxury bedding is such a major investment, it just makes sense to use it as inspiration for room color. While the luxury bedding is enjoyed by people of all ages, this accessible and informal personal brand is making a notable mark. Recent scientific tests have shown that our deluxe and luxury bedding is resistant to house dust mites, house dust mite allergen and fungus. However, high production cost of luxury bedding is the one of the major restraining growth of the market. Luxury bedding is an enhancement youll appreciate every night window. This luxury bedding is enjoyed by people of all ages, this accessible and informal personal brand is making a notable mark.

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